Friday, April 01, 2011

Bieber at Law and Fried Chicken c/o Meme

So at some point last week, L. won a free lunch at Meme for being the 300th follower of their twitter feed. I was 283 or something. Not bitter. Meme only does one thing for lunch, and maybe only on Thursdays: fried chicken with corn bread and a Miller High Life. Even though I would have to pay for my meal ($11), I accompanied L. on a long lunch. We took the bus. Did you know that Justin Bieber is now a lawyer in Philadelphia? He may be the next generation's James Franco.
The restaurant's space is really open. Big windows, wood flooring, a bright color on the walls.
And the chicken was good. One drumstick, one thigh. The cornbread was sweet and sticky. And their hot sauce/mayo kind of side sauce had a nice mix of spice without being too hot. I liked the seasoning of the batter of the chicken, though I actually would have been happy with a little more crispy outsides in addition to the moist deliciousness of the insides. L. and I discussed this, and we agreed that the thickness of the calamari coating I had at McCrossen's would have been better for the chicken, and that the chicken's coating could have been better for the calamari. I'm sure the chefs at either establishment could give a rat's ass what I think, but that's what I think.
But oh a delightful treat for a work day.

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nc catherine said...

I remember your chicken cooking chicken frying posts from Chicago and the crazy competition for readers/posters. This here chicken definitely needed more and hotter deep frying for crisping. As a mostly reformed chicken frying fried chicken eating southerner, I can proclaim that it needed a better scald. Otherwise it looks yummy. Yummy yummy. I think the last fried chicken I had was Christmas, made by the resident teenager on her first solo chicken frying attempt. It was yummy. Very yummy yummy.

Too bad the greasy spoon I like for commercial fried chicken does not serve dinner. Alas I will have to imagine fried chicken for supper.