Monday, April 11, 2011

Cheese, Martini and Dessert c/o McCrossen's

A few days after the Wake and Bake/Whiskey night, I returned to McCrossens and met up with L. She and I are not dating, just so it's clear. Ha. That's what I like to call an inside joke. Except it is also factually accurate and not even thaaaaat funny. The night before the restaurant had had a cheese and wine event, so I asked T. if there were any leftovers on the cheese side of the equation, as I like trying new cheeses. He said that there was, in fact, some cheese left over. I will try to track down its name (update: I could not track down its name). It was a buffalo cheese, kind of brie-y. I would have liked slightly heartier cuts of it, or one chunk to cut as I saw fit, but still, good. The chorizo was good too, though they are a little more liberal with their oil than I might be on my own. Still. Overall message: eat there.
L. had the spaghetti carbonara, which was delicious. So rich and creamy, with a good bacon-y kind of flavor from the meat that technically wasn't bacon. I started with a beer and then went on to a dirty martini.
L. finished her meal off with these sweet puffs of sugary wonder. They, like the fries before them, glowed. I don't know what T. puts into this stuf, but man does it make them shine. Heh.


LW said...

The cheese was called Nevat

LW said...

the balls are on fire. heh.