Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Fries and Wake and Bake c/o McCrossens, Silliness and Whiskey c/o Belgian Cafe

L. and I decided to do a good and proper happy hour last week. Was it just last week? Probably. So immediately after work we headed to McCrossens. I enjoyed a pint of Terrapin's Wake and Bake, which truly is a delightful and delectable beer.
Due to a fair amount of Facebook tomfoolery, T. suggested that anyone who came into the establishment with L. would get free french fries (I feel this was mainly directed at me) ... so I went with every intention of getting free fries. There was some confusion on that point. And some cajoling. And some light text harassment. But. In the end, free fries were had. And these weren't every day french fries ... they GLOWED. I also had a side of asparagus. I enjoyed the asparagus, but my photograph was not good.
After two beer we headed on over to the Belgian where we enjoyed Bells Double Cream Stout and, at the end of our evening, shots of whiskey. You might think we were up until the wee hours but, in fact, I was home before 10. If only I had just gone to bed at that point. Ha ha. Ugh.
The obligatory photo shoot turned out really well on the whole. Goofy and creepy as well.


LW said...

I don't mean to bring this up yet again, but for posterity, this night marked the beginning of the green/blue shirt debate.

Anonymous said...

I miss my friends.

cc said...


LW said...

I miss you, too, AK.