Thursday, April 28, 2011

Spring Walkabout and Cupcake

Two Sundays ago, I think, I went on a walk around the neighborhood. As I think you already know, it's spring, and it's pretty. So I thought I'd take photographs of the spring prettiness so that in the depths of winter I can remember the eventual relief we will have. Frankly, I just want to move somewhere warm all the time. And no, I wouldn't miss the seasons or get used to it; I would be happier all the time.
The tulips and these flowers are all in one yard. I like the gardener who put the time in. I'm thinking about having a tomato plant or two on the deck this year. But we'll see if I actually get myself together enough to make that a reality.
I walked up and around the penitentiary.
Philadelphia, like many a metropolitan area in the United States, has recently become literally brimming with fancy food trucks. This weekend day there was an 'arts crawl' in the Fairmount neighborhood. I envisioned this meaning that there would be lots of vendors and stalls around the prison, or along one or two streets, but I was mistaken. What it really meant was that a lot of local businesses were hanging art in their establishments. On such a beautiful day I wasn't interested in insides of buildings, nor in tight spaces. Or something. Anyways. What's my point? Oh, that as I turned the corner and headed along the north side of the wall I saw cupcake truck. I decided on a chocolate cake, peanut butter icing pairing. It was quite a modest cupcake in size, and to be frank it didn't entirely wow me in terms of taste or texture. The icing was good, don't get me wrong, but the cake was a little dry. I walked and ate it.
And took photos of buildings and trees and things.

I love blossom shadows and spring light.
And just blossoms.

I keep meaning to buy a new lens for my camera. The kind where I can get way up close. A macro lens? Something that would be good for flowers and food. This is my way of suggesting someone tell me the lens I need.
More shadows.
I've been asked a few times over the last few weeks if my thoughts on Philly have changed of late. And it may just be that the warmer weather is making me feel a bit more charitable. Or it may be that I have made a little progress in working to make a life in this city that better addresses my particular social and emotional needs. Or who knows. The point is that, as I may have already said, this walk, and a few others that I have taken in the last month, have given me a burgeoning sense of appreciation for Philadelphia and what it has to offer. We'll see how long that lasts.

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