Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Coffee and Pho c/o Ha Saigon

I was shocked to learn that L. was unfamiliar with the glory that is pho. I had talked it up a number of times, but we never quite got L. to a pho establishment. That weekend I also learned that L. has never eaten soft shell crabs. Blasphemy! I just don't know how we've been friends for ten years and she hasn't experienced soft shell crabs, but we'll worry about that later. Right now we can focus on the pho experience. It was bustling that Sunday, more crowded than I've seen it in previous visits, but not so busy that we didn't get a seat immediately. We had a new server, and he seemed skeptical of our ability to know what we wanted to eat. But his doubts didn't thwart my knowledge. I ordered a hot condensed milk coffee. It was potent.
We also had pork rolls, but the photograph wasn't that exciting. I went with straight up rare steak pho, which made the fact that all my steak was already cooked a little bit of a disappointment. L.'s fared better and still had pinkness to it. L. liked the pho experience. I was happy.
L. and I had different eating styles. I usually slurp up all the broth and leave a fair amount of noodles behind. She, on the other hand, gobbled up the noodles and steak but left plenty of broth. We combined our leftovers and asked to take it with us, which then became my lunch on another day. Win.

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