Thursday, April 28, 2011

Burger, Story Slam and Pants

That Friday I met up with L. for a little talk time at PYT. I had long heard of PYT and the Piazza at Schmidt's but hadn't ventured into the piazza proper nor PYT, so i t was nice to meet up somewhere new. L. and I often end up getting coffee at Starbucks and then walking or sitting somewhere, which is definitely enjoyable ... but I kind of wanted a beer. So we met up. I ordered the Baby PYT Burgers, which only came cooked medium. I guess this made sense? The waitress explained that because they were so small they cooked really quickly. But using that argument/point, wouldn't it be relatively easy to cook them medium rare? Maybe I'm missing the fine art of burger cooking. Anyways, they were delicious. I didn't so much dig the healthy-ish chips that came in lieu of fries. They have fries. Why chips? The pickle, on the other hand, was to my liking.
After talking a few things out with L. I met up with G. and went to the First Person Arts Story Slam (Philly vs Boston) at the Free Library of Philadelphia. I have long wanted to go to First Person Arts events, as I think that they may be a potential venue for my own penchant for telling stories from my own life, so I was glad to finally make this latent desire a reality. The event started with a guest storyteller who was also one of the judges for the event: Mary Roach. She told a funny story about having sex with her husband while being observed by a doctor. I enjoyed the event. Some storytellers weren't as engaging or compelling as others, but on the whole it was all good.
And then we saw this pair of pants.

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