Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Sakura Sunday in Fairmount Park

After pho, L. scooted off to NYC while I drove northwesterly to witness Sakura Sunday. My plan was to meet up with J. and S. and N. and then to find G. somewhere in the crowds. All of this happened, but not without a fair amount of stupidity. First, getting off of 76 and driving in the direction of the festival was painful. Really, really painful. I sat on the 76 off ramp for a good 20 minutes before finally getting on the road proper, but the traffic remained gnarled. Then much confusion was had about where to park. But I won't belabor those setbacks. Eventually I did meet up with J. and S. and N.
S. gave me some flowers...and then I think N. took the daffodils originally gifted to J. and gave them to me. Or reverse that?
Pretty little flowers.
N. is a complicated character. He can be unbelievably sweet, but he can also stamp his foot and scream like you wouldn't believe. On this particular day, however, he was in total sweet mode. Holding my hand and kiss, kiss, kissing it. Though I think sometimes the kissing was just the closest he knew he could come to biting or licking without me suggesting that he quit.

S. got on J.'s shoulders to see some drumming. I was too far away to get a good shot.
At some point G. and I went and watched a karate exhibition while J. and the boys went to do arts and crafts.
The girl in the middle was f-i-e-r-c-e.

I wanted at least one photo of me with blossoms and whatnot. I took this. Then G. took one, but my eyes were totally closed and I looked like a goober.
Goober? Then we all met up again in time to see S. and N. enjoy balloon swords ... and then grieve the popping of their balloon swords.

This was my first experience in West Fairmount Park. The Japanese house and the horticultural center seem like they have a lot of prettiness to offer, and my coworker later told me there's a tree house somewhere around there. So I'll have to go back on a slightly less stressful/crowded day.

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