Monday, April 04, 2011

Beets, Burger and Booze c/o Village Whiskey

In bygone months, A.S. and I spoke at length about the necessity that was her getting to try a Village Whiskey burger. But, as things often do, the reality of this necessity remained unmet. What? We did, however, rekindle the idea when I saw her at her b-day celebration. And, not losing that momentum, we planned for a date soon thereafter. I left work a little early and began my walk, picking A.S. up at the end of her work day. After that we walked to Village Whiskey, where there were still plenty of places to sit since it was so soon after 5. So that, my friends, is the trick to Village Whiskey. I don't know, nor care, about any 'hipper scene' (or is it a tourist scene? I really can't tell) that may or may not go on in the place at trendier hours of the day. I know that I don't like waiting for longer than half an hour if I absolutely must wait for anything, so, you know, my point is to just go early on a weekday. Ha. Or 3 on a Sunday would work too. Anyways I recently got my tax refund and you'll be noting I've gone a little super crazy with my not-at-home food intake. Soon enough you'll see that I am capable of making food for myself. For instance, the amazing salad I made myself, and never to be documented (except actually tasty) red pepper and cheddar mini quesadilla, and smoked salmon and delice bourgonne too ... with capers as well, and a spritz of lime. But, right now, it's all-out not-in food. The point is I decided to switch things up and order the pickled beets instead of the tomatoes. A.S. went with the pickled green beans and shallots. She also ordered the deviled eggs and was kind enough to let me try one. I really couldn't say they wowed me with their awesomeness to the same degree that the tomatoes or their burger have managed. But they were good, and the light through the blinds really made me happy.
I began my meal with a 'De Rigeur,' which, funnily enough, has been my 'de rigeur' drink when dining at the establishment. It's a good drink.
I ordered the standard burger with cheddar cheese and fried long hots; medium rare.
Midway through my burger I ordered the Ginger Rogers. It was really a nice thing, this drink. Fizzy. Sweet. Tart. I liked it very much and tried to savor every sip.
I was just reading Oyster Evangelist's thoughts on Village Whiskey and I so felt like she and I - and so many others - had shared the same experience and felt similarly in wonderment of the burger. Or I was projecting. Anyways, the point is this was a burger of excellent caliber and only reconfirmed - with its pink but still warm center, oozy cheese and (perhaps slightly too enthusiastic) pile of long hots - my assertion that this is the best burger I've ever had. I took some of the peppers off, but the remaining combination was just - ugh. It's hard to explain how the Village Whiskey burger can make you feel, though for some it might just make you feel unimpressed (or sick for those vegetarians out there) ... if you're some kind of wack burger hater. I mean, I can't imagine someone could be unmoved by the excellence of this burger on a completely right day with the best expectation and realization of a taste combination. That really didn't make a lot of sense. I'm just saying that if you know your tastes and choose wisely, and that the guy making your burger isn't sleepy or mad at anybody, this thing is going to blow your mind.


Robyn Fallow Badman said...

jesus i have to have it!

Robyn Fallow Badman said...

Jesus I have to have it!!!!!!