Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Things That Happen

So yesterday the man who played Omar Little on the Wire (real name unimportant...though it should matter b/c he's a fine actor...but nevermind about that) turned up in the same office as my dear friend L. She let me know of this turn of events and I encouraged her to say any number of things to him and to get a photograph. Upon more reflection I decided that what really needed to happen was that he hold a sign up that said 'hi Caroline.' Because it's all about me. Then I thought that there was an even better sign he could potentially hold ... and so I made it and emailed it to L. I'll let you decide whether this image, which L. emailed to me late last night, is the real thing or just a phantom event that never took place. Either way, we can conclude that L. is awesome and that Omar loves me. A good way to start a day:)

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