Thursday, April 28, 2011

Coffee Family

After my walk and a few other things I drove over to J. and J.'s. They recently took over a coffee shop and wanted to update its website to include photographs of their family, and they were nice enough to ask me if I would take them. Since I feel far more comfortable with them than I did with the belly dancers or G. I felt moderately confident that I could get some shots that would work for them. One key part of getting good photographs really is just taking a lot of them, and if someone actually wants you to do this then it's easier not to feel bad about doing it. Does that make sense. Anyways. Here are some photos I took. He-J. gave me a beer before we began.
J.D. is getting very old. He is still a very good dog. But a slightly incontinent one. That's not entirely fair to him actually. Moving on.

The J.'s had one clear vision in mind: Myrtle seemingly drinking from an espresso cup. I'm not sure if you know this, but dogs don't really like coffee on the whole. Here is what their website said (each photograph had a caption): Myrtle is a dog. She barks too much. One angry neighbor recently called her "cute but obnoxious." She will drink from an espresso cup if you fill it with roast beef pan drippings.
In subsequent captions I'll have changed or omitted some content for the sake of faux anonymity for the family.
The real theme for the photographs will come as no surprise: coffee. Yet I still took a few non-coffee photos. Mainly because that's just how I do.
This was a nice series with S., in which at first he's not all that interested in having his photograph taken, but warms up to it.
I encouraged him to use the car like it was a phone ... thus making it a car phone. S. actually said a few lines. I forget what they were, but I know they were entertaining.
Then he went into martial arts mode.
Soon after this photo he started dancing a little bit before asking me to take a photograph of him 'sliding' into first base. It was actually not a bad photo, but I'm trying to edit myself just a little.
She-J. channeling her inner circa-Weeds Mary Stuart Masterson. Wait. Wrong Mary.
They chose a different photo for She-J., but I liked these better. Her caption was: She-J. likes feathers, animal skulls, and bones. She is a mixed-media artist whose particular kind of found object artwork involves the artifacts she discovers while walking the dogs ... She restores dignity to the forgotten spirits of magical forest creatures. She manages the day-to-day operations of [their coffee shop], and at night she's working towards finally getting her Bachelor's Degree (after 15 years and 12 schools).

He-J. was committed, in many a photograph, to a sort of wild scientist crazy face. I told him that he was making it, but that didn't really change things.
This photo was the one that made it (less crazy face). Here is what the caption said: He-J. is a self-proclaimed priest of Dionysus. He is not only passionate about coffee and tea, but also good wine and good food. He says, "Dionysus lubricates transitions with libations and inebriants!" You can often find him sipping a featured single origin coffee at [their new coffee shop] ... He-J. is working toward a PhD in Jungian/Archetypal psychology, phenomenology, and philosophy. He teaches yoga, eats smoked whitefish salad & capered cream cheese on toasted bagels, and likes his coffee black. coffee black.

N.'s caption read: N. is three years old. He goes to preschool [where he goes to preschool]. He also enjoys Saturday Ballet classes at [where he takes the classes]. He likes yogurst, robots, rhyming words, drawing and fruit leather. He likes Lassis. He orders these drinks by asking for "yogurt juice."

This photograph is one of my favorites, but not the one they went with. Actually the whole series of him holding the coffee was pretty darn precious. Somehow the word consternation comes to mind. Here is what S.'s caption said: S. is five years old. He likes penguins, baseball, Busytown and Star Wars. He is beginning to discover video games. He likes peanut butter, banana and honey sandwiches.
N. got into a bit of a snit about his pants being dirty after playing in the sandbox.
Old man N.
Full of rage N. Two seconds after this he was smiling. Five seconds after he was raging. That is an exaggeration. In the end we figured it out.
I stayed for dinner and will hopefully have another block of time in a wireless internet environment to get those photos up in the near future.

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