Thursday, April 28, 2011

Spring, Tacos and Ceviche

On a Thursday or so ago I took a few photographs of my neighborhood. It's really quite striking in the spring. Plenty of blossoms in trees, plenty of warmth on my shoulders, plenty of smiles on people's faces. This is my tree, I see it every morning. There's a nest in there, but I can't tell if it's a nest from this year or last year.
Happy sun. So after taking these photos I walked to the subway and went to South Philly to meet up with E., her boyfriend K. and two of her friends for dinner and drinks at Cantina Los Caballitos.
That restaurant has the worst possible lighting for food photography. Also, I am incompetent. But really, the last time I was there I had just as hard a time. Nonetheless, I will tell you a little about what I had. I ordered the shrimp ceviche, which was really delicious - though the photograph doesn't really demonstrate that whatsoever.
I was torn between their cheese enchilada special and their barbequed pork tacos, so I asked our server what I should do. He gave me this 'well, duh, I can't believe you're even asking me this question' stern stare, and then stated that the tacos were clearly the way to go. I trusted his opinion/was intimidated so I did as he suggested. They were quite good. During the meal I had two margaritas. The first was a garden variety, while the second was pineapple flavored. Sweet, but not too intoxicating.
It was nice to see E. again so soon after our Modo Mio dinner with L. It was also nice to get out on a beautiful evening and remember that the world is bigger than my five block comfort zone. The internet situation in my house has not been resolved, but I took advantage of a coffee shop's wireless to upload a bunch of photos from the past two weeks. So be prepared for a slew of posts.

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