Sunday, April 03, 2011

Sushi Bento Box c/o Kansai

Last Saturday I was feeling like having lunch out. C. and I had recently discussed the new Japanese restaurant that opened in the neighborhood, so I asked her if she might like to check it out with me. She could not, but I went anyway. They have a lunch menu that includes soup/salad plus the choice of one or two rolls, or bento boxes. I went with the sushi bento box, which included miso soup, salad, one round of California rolls, four pieces of fish and the choice of shumai or gyoza. I went with the shumai. I don't know how authentic the ginger dressing most Japanese restaurants use on their salads may be, but I don't really care; I like that dressing.
They didn't have a nigiri list on the lunch menu, so I asked whether I could also have an order of ikura. The answer was yes, and I was pleased. Look at those little poppy orange happies!
The box itself was decent. The fish didn't blow me away with its awesomenes but it didn't make me question its providence either, if that makes any sense. I think I received three or four shumai, which weren't all that impressive really. The rice was steaming hot and nice and sticky.
It was a relatively sunny, but blustery day and I was glad for the frequent refills on hot tea. It's kind of an awkward location for a restaurant -- ground level on not the busiest of streets -- and I hope they make it so I have an alternative the Umai Umai's extreme priciness and Sakura's 'good in a pinch but not so fantastic' delivery.

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