Thursday, April 14, 2011

Dinner c/o Kansai

On a Sunday, L. and I met up at Kansai for dinner. I wanted to give the place a further perusal and delve a bit deeper into their sushi fare. We opted to sit at the bar and a friendly young sushi chef greeted us and took our orders. Once we realized they didn't serve booze, L. went off to buy us beers. Miso soup.
Another sushi guy came out as well, and I think he saw me taking photographs of the soup, so he gave us these complimentary treats. Cucumber, avocado and watercress wrapped in thinly sliced and seared-ish tuna (I think) topped with a little roe and situated in a bit of ponzu sauce. A nice bite I wouldn't have otherwise known to try.

I went with their spicy maki combination: salmon, tuna and yellow tail. Could have been spicier, and could have done better at a little differentiation between the three fish. That said? I ate it all.
I also ordered a piece of white tuna and a piece of ikura. I enjoyed them both.
So yeah. This is a solid spot. I hope they make it so's I can come by from time to time and give them a whirl.


Huckleberry said...

I want one of these cucumber-avocado-beef rolls now. They look quite literally mouthwatering.

cc said...

ha ha. it was delicious...though tuna, not beef.