Sunday, April 17, 2011

Scrabble, Beverages and Kebobs

After our walk L. and I stopped by a suburban shopping center. There we picked up honey flavored bourbon and supplies for a little grilling. Then we returned to the apartment and chopped and marinated the veggies and meat we purchased. While the chicken and shrimp marinated we played Scrabble. I believe I won. Or maybe I just wish I did? We played a few more times.
So I commandeered the marination because that's who I am ... it's another one of my best traits. The chicken was marinated in a mix of soy sauce, pressed garlic, lemon juice, rice vinegar, lemongrass and ginger. And maybe something else. The shrimp was olive oil, lemon juice and plenty of ginger.
I thought the chicken turned out especially delicious. I don't think one can really go terribly wrong when it comes to marinating and skewering meat, but I am pleased that each time I have done so the results were above average. L. made fun of me for putting the shrimp on the wrong way, but they didn't seem entirely impacted by the improper placement. The roommate and G., who also stopped by, had no complaints. Or maybe they did but the day drinking L. and I had been doing made any criticism slide right off my back.

The sky was quite pink and pretty. Hard to see here because drunk cc used a flash. Whatever.
Another lovely day with L. Without being creepy or anything, she is one of my all time favorites ever. Sometimes I like to refer to myself as her second husband, which would make her my wife, not my daughter ... and that makes so much more sense y'all. Y'all?

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