Saturday, July 02, 2011

Happy Hour Mini Meatballs and Salmon Spread c/o London Grill

I met up with G. for perhaps one of the quickest-ever meet and greets the other week. We went to London Grill to partake of their happy hour specials. I went with the 'mini meatballs,' which weren't all that mini, and opted to try their smoked salmon 'shmear.' The meatballs were pretty good, the shmear less so. Something about the bread. Too dry. Maybe I'd try another shmear on another day, but the salmon one I wouldn't revisit.
After they were put in front of me I realized that when I first moved to Philly my parents and I went to the London Grill and I had also ordered a dish with a meatball component (in my memory I was going to same the same dish, but in reality it was gnocchi). It's kind of hard to believe I've been in the city for three years; it's the longest I've lived in the same place for quite some time. Chicago ended up being about two and a half and before that the fact that I stayed in the mid-Hudson area for about six years was mainly due to college and then extenuating factors (re: relationship and ennui).
G. rushed off before the bill was paid, and I lingered over my last sips of raspberry lemonade before leaving. As I walked home I came across this recycling bin with on-their-way-out-but-still-pretty flowers. The light was especially scrumptious at that particular hour and though they had been deemed trash by another - and I wasn't quite feeling like the 'bring home the trash flowers' girl that I can be from time to time - I still felt it would be to everyone's detriment if I didn't at least take a photograph or two.

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