Tuesday, July 12, 2011


I brought sparklers with me to the country. I knew that the trade-off for a weekend in the pretty and extra days of relaxation due to the holiday was that I would miss out on any spectacular fireworks display (which I love as a general rule), and I was willing to make that trade ... but wanted to at least have a little G-rated fireworks action over the weekend. I meant to bring my tripod, but I forgot, which meant that I placed the camera on a table instead. I forget what I was trying to write here but its general message - I think - was something about how I'd like to think that things will be okay or will get better. Shrug. I should have just tried writing my name.

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LW said...

nice exposure! I see a dollar sign and the word bad...and possibly Pho. Pho!! obvi a positive message.