Thursday, July 28, 2011

Kick Ball, College Folks and More

L. has been in a kickball league for a couple of years now. Her team's name is Booze on First. They play on Sundays in McCarren Park. So, on Sunday, I accompanied her to Williamsburg and watched her games. I wasn't the only one. B., with whom we lived in a trailer our freshmen year of college, along with E., A. and T. showed up as well. L. was the pitcher. I was so proud.

L. being her cute self.

They ended up winning their first game, then losing the second two. Those of us not playing drank beer and some played Scrabble.

After I got to the park I texted R. to tell him I was in his general vicinity. R. and I grew up across the way from one another and his parents - D. and B. - were some of my parents' closest friends. We spent Thanksgiving with them, and it was such a good spot to land so soon after my mother's death. R. and I caught up on a variety of subjects and then I asked L. to take a few photos of the two of us. L. was in fine photobombing fashion and took quite a number of winning shots, and now I will share some of the best. It started out standard enough.
But then there was a little dancing.
Followed by a little 'you used to be this tall, and I used to be this tall recreation.
And we rounded out the shoot with a hug. It was good to see all the folks that night. I hadn't seen B. in a long time, and I feel like E. and I last saw each other when she visited Chicago nine million years ago. And I can't even begin to remember the last time I saw A. or T. Actually, it was our fifth college reunion ... so three-ish years back.
When the games concluded Fat T. drove L. and me back to their place and we picked up paninis from the nearby deli. I went with a chicken fajita themed sandwich. It was not amazing. The cheese wasn't melty enough.

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