Sunday, July 17, 2011

Bud and Pizza c/o Tommy's

Last Friday my father flew into town and after my work day we drove to Gettysburg to meet up with my uncle and aunt, as well as my cousin K. and her man-friend A. Our main purpose for the weekend was spreading my mother's ashes in the cemetery of the small town where her father grew up. The family has, for generations it seems, very specific locations that need to be visited whenever we're in the area, and Tommy's Pizza is one of them. So, very soon after our arrival we met up with the rest of our group and walked over to Tommy's pizza for dinner. It had been a long day for me, full of frustrating work things and disappointing life things, so a beer and pizza were just the balm I needed. Maybe not 'just' but they would do.
We ordered two pizzas, one with pepperoni and banana peppers as you can see.
The other had everything on it.
Good times. Good pizza.

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nc catherine said...

Pizza and beer may not be the full balm but they can make good attempts at filling balm's shoes. Sorry it was a rough week.

The everything one looks especially delish.