Thursday, July 14, 2011

Skewers Two Ways

I eat better in the country. Not necessarily more healthily, but definitely more thoughtfully. I think this is largely because when I'm in the country the only obligations I have are meals and books. I don't have to worry about work, because I'm not working. I don't have to worry about the state of my room and apartment, because I'm not there. Basically, my life is pared down to the things that matter most to me, and all the rest ... well all the rest is just clutter. To that end, did I need to buy chicken in addition to the salmon for my long weekend? No. But did I want to marinate and grill chicken skewers anyway because I knew I would be less likely to do it at my own house? Yes. I made two different marinades. One was a combination of Coca Cola, Adobe Chipotles, Worcestire Sauce and maybe one other thing, brown sugar I think. The other was a more typical 'Asian' marinade: soy sauce, rice vinegar, crushed ginger, garlic and a little honey for sweetness.
I cut two chicken breasts into fair sized chunks and let them marinate overnight, and then on Sunday I grilled them along with the mushrooms and cipollini onions I bought at Trauger's Farm.
I worried that the coke/chipotle marinade would end up too spicy or too sweet, but I ended up hitting a near spot-on balance. I think next time I'd add just one more pepper into the mix and forget about the brown sugar. The soy etc version was quite good, the ratios of each ingredient are easily fudged without ruining the taste profile as a whole. Obviously I made more skewers than I could eat. She-J. came up Monday, so she helped a tiny bit with the leftovers. But they became lunch for a few days at work, so 'waste not want not' and all that.

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