Friday, July 08, 2011

Mustard Chicken and Great Views

I decided to get out of dodge for July 4th. While I do love me a spectacle of fireworks, most of my go-to social club members (wouldn't that be funny...if I actually belonged to a social club?) were going to be out of town and there's something kind of wrong about being in a city with no one to hang out with on July 4th. Being in the country, however, with no one to hang out with doesn't strike me as quite as bad. So I called up S. and asked her if I might come up for a long weekend, she said yes and up I went. When I arrived on Friday afternoon I took a quick walk, putzed in the pretty and read for a bit before joining S. for dinner. She grilled marinated in mustard chicken.
It was quite good. The chicken was all sorts of flavorful in a way that wasn't overly mustardy, which was strange considering that three different kinds of mustard were the main ingredients to the marinade. I'm not going to complain.
As sides S. made an Asian-themed broccoli dish and a nice salad. A great beginning to a weekend of country!

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nc catherine said...

I am thinking you had the best of all worlds for July 4 craziness. I think I am over urban festivities...and would prefer the country!!! What three mustards were used? Sounds really good.