Thursday, July 28, 2011

Brunchy Lunch c/o Char No 4

Later on on Sunday, L., Fat T. and I met up with their recently-engaged friends N. and (crap I'm forgetting his name/initial) for a late brunch/early lunch at Char No 4.
L. and I both tried their bourbon bloody mary, a concept that seemed both surprising, scary and promising all at once. And it was surprising and promising, not so scary when you came down to it. Bourbon has so much more flavor than vodka, and how it would fit in with tomato was hard for me to imagine until it was in my mouth. They made it work. Fat T. tried their sweet tea/bourbon pairing - or at least I think that's what it was - maybe not? And I took a sip and liked it too. We sat at the bar and the bartender was quite nice and friendly, and the space is nice and light.
There were many things on their brunch menu that I wanted to eat, but I was feeling at least a small need to be semi-healthy, and I love I went with their beet/radish/arugula salad.
I counterbalanced whatever possible feelings of being a good, healthy person by also ordering their fried cheddar cheese curds with spicy pimento dipping sauce. The salad was good but not anything out of the ordinary amazing, and the curds and sauce were a nice step up from your typical mozzarella stick. But what the place clearly does best is pig. Fat T. had the pulled pork sandwich and seemed to like it quite a bit, and L. ordered their eggs benedict with house cured bacon (I think) on biscuits and really, really liked it.
Definitely a place that I'd go back to and explore the menu further.

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