Friday, July 08, 2011

Pizza and Signs

On a Monday or so J. called and invited me over to participate in a "Weeds Party." Now there are a number of possible places your imagination can go to when invited to a such-named event. One could be in store for hours on bended knee, literally weeding with their friends. As a gardener-loving-but-not-particularly-interested-in-doing-anything-other-than-watering kind of person, I would be likely to miss that particular kind of fete ... unless I could be in the kitchen making something from the garden while all the laborers toiled/partied. But, as I'm sure you had the brains to assume, it wasn't that kind of party. Nor was it the sort of party where a bunch of people sit in too small a room for hours and hours while smoking copious amounts of marijuana. No. This was to watch the first episode of the new season of Weeds. When I arrived, I finally remembered to take a photograph of she-J.'s sign that she made months ago. I don't think I need to go into backstory to explain it.
He-J. made three pizzas, two more for the adults, one for the kids (in addition to N. and S. there were M. and D. in the kid camp, as well as two more of the Js' friends).
One had meat and other tasty treats, while the other was tomato and pepper and basil, I think.
Tasty dishes. In the end we never got to the Weeds viewing part of the evening. I was mostly relieved about this, as I still haven't seen the season before this newest one and realized that by watching out of order my brain would explode.
Thanks to both J.s for the evening!

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