Monday, July 25, 2011

Bagel c/o Mocha Bagel

On Sunday morning I got up a little before L. or Fat T. and went in search of a bagel. I ended up at Mocha Bagels. Their counter is very high. It's kind of intimidating. In any case, I asked for a toasted everything bagel with olive cream cheese. The man told me that the bagels were fresh out of the oven and then asked if I still wanted mine toasted, I said no, figuring that was the right answer. It was an ok bagel, though I still would have liked that added crisp factor of toasting. The olive cream cheese wasn't quite as potent and salty as I am accustomed. I didn't eat the whole thing because I had this sudden moment of 'if this isn't totally making you love it, why get fat eating it.' If I'm going to get fat, might as well only be through the consumption of things I truly love and desire. Maybe. At least at the specific moment in time.

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