Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Grilled King Salmon

I bought a beautiful and expensive piece of wild-caught, never frozen Alaskan King Salmon at a suburban Whole Foods as I made my way to the countryside, and on Saturday I briefly marinated it in a mix of white wine, shallots and honey. You heard me. Honey. Look how goddamn beautiful it is. It's a sight.
I grilled it on, get this, the grill. I still need to perfect my timing a little bit. I feel like I inevitably don't wait long enough or wait too long for the coals to be ready. In this case I think I waited too long. The end result was still good, as far as I didn't overcook the fish, but I think I could have gotten a slightly better 'sear' if I had put the fish on while the coals were still burning a bit more strongly.
I also grilled an ear of corn and put safflower mayo and adobo flavorings on it. Safflower mayo is gross.
I grilled the skin to a nice crisp. Well, I think I went overboard on that one, but it was crispy.
It was too much fish for just me, which worked out well because I was able to enjoy it as a future lunch once I got back to Philly.

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nc catherine said...

Oooh what a beautiful piece of fish! Honey works, as some folks use brown sugar or maple syrup...the coals thing is tricky with fish so whatever your worries, here it looks perfect! I am eating my weight in fresh corn, grilled or boiled...one day I may have to try your amendments but right now, fresh and minimal!