Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Modo Mio Magnificence and McCrossens Silly

Also in preparation of my court tribulations, C. and I made plans to go to Modo Mio that evening. In theory it would have been a little celebratory. Not in terms of my taking any joy in a kid's life being made even more difficult by being convicted of a crime (which is most likely what will happen) but that the experience from my point of view would be behind me. But, of course, that wasn't actually accurate (continued = no testimony and the case rescheduled). We were perhaps a little too enthusiastic about being there on time, and lucky with finding a cab with almost no issue, which caused us to arrive at the restaurant a good 20 or 30 minutes before our reservation. It was a hot night, but not awful, so we just stood outside and gabbed for a bit. We saw a police car pull over two girls because they had basically cut them off without using a turn signal. Dumb girls. In any case, eventually it was our turn to embark on a Modo Mio journey. The last time I had been there, I feel like more than one Modo Mio server mentioned the upcoming changes to the menu. I was very excited about this, as the menu really hasn't changed for a few months. And while I love the variety of offerings, and am glad that I was able to try a few different things from the same basic sets of options ... I'm ready to see more new things. So in that one small way, I was disappointed when I realized that the menu remained mostly unchanged since L., Ak and I went in June. That said, the little bites that started the meal were delightful.
I so enjoyed the taste of the chicken liver bruschetta that L. ordered last time, that I went ahead and ordered it for myself. The sweetness of the apricot does marvelous things when interacting with the liver's deep richness. C., who is not a fan of liver, liked it too.
I tried the carbonara pasta special of the evening and enjoyed it, though I still dream of that damn raviolo.
For my main course I decided to try the skirt steak. We'd finished a bottle of champagne and were making a solid dent in a bottle of red by this point, so forgive the less than steady image. It was really good.
For dessert I tried the nutella semi freddo. Is that what it was? Kind of like gelati. It was r-i-c-h.
Afterwards C. and I went to McCrossens. I didn't even have time to call L. before she arrived.
L. played darts while C. and I chatted about this, that and the other. C. kept wanting to join the dart fun and I had to explain to her that it wouldn't be fun because she'd be playing with people with no patience for dilettantes. I may not have put it this way. I'm just saying that L. and her darts folks are very good, and if you're not very good, well, it's generally best just not to play unless you really actually care enough to want to get better.
It was a fun, good night. The kind I like having from time to time ... which often enough starts at Modo Mio and then runs late at McCrossens. I certainly am a creature of habit.

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LW said...

Spot on - the key is to care. One of (if not the only) reason they tolerate me.