Saturday, July 02, 2011

Chinese Broccoli and Tofu, and Eggplant Puffs

I think the day after I arrived home I was pretty much a zombie. Between the rather draining activities of the weekend - it wasn't all swimming and Treme - and the neverending amount of time spent in airports, I couldn't bring myself to grocery shop for proper healthy sustenance for myself. So, instead, I ordered Chinese food from Szechuan Tasty House through This wasn't my first order with the establishment, as I had enjoyed a variety of their dishes a few months back. What I like about it is that it seems like they're not quite as reliant on the standard thick sauces and over processed meats as many a Chinese restaurant. Or that's what I've decided in any case. I decided I'd order enough that I could have a few lunches out of the it was like grocery shopping...kind of. So I went with the Chinese broccoli, but asked them to add fried bean curd and a garlice sauce. I also was fascinated by the idea of 'chive eggplant puffs' as well as 'green bean noodles in spicy vinaigrette.' And, for good, gluttony measure, I ordered the vegetable tofu soup. So how did it all shake out? Pretty well on the whole. While I just mentioned that I liked that fact that they're not as into heavy, gelatinous sauces compared to other places, I was let down by the lack of garlic flavoring/sauce on the broccoli, though it was cooked nicely. The eggplant chive puffs were so strange and yet good. It seemed like they were stuffed with some sort of meat more than they were with chives then lightly breaded and fried. The creamy texture of the eggplant giving way to a heartier center. The green bean noodles were interesting, I didn't take a photograph of them because I was lazy. The vinaigrette, however, was really a overwhelming amount of chili oil and red pepper bits and seeds a la one form of sriracha, and yet not overwhelmingly spicy. The soup was good, but not great.
I ate the leftovers for days I tell you. Days.

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