Thursday, July 21, 2011

Running of the Bulls 4-Course Meal c/o Tinto

After dim sum I dropped Dad off at his hotel and returned home. The plan was to then have dinner at Sansom Oyster House, unfortunately Dad called me as I was heading to Center City and said the place was closed. I tried to think of where to go instead, which would be tasty and not too far away from the Oyster House. I landed on Tinto and conveyed the information to Dad. I started with the white sangria, which was good but maybe a tad sweeter than even I like my beverages.
They had a "San Fermin Running of the Bulls" special tasting menu, and we both decided to have it. I had thought that one would choose one thing from each category on the menu but we actually were given all of them for each course. This was the peaky toe crab with some sort of caviar (migas?), piquillo purree and edible flowers. The presentation was lovely.
Next up was the tomato and melon salad. It was fun to look at as well, as each melon and tomato piece was perfectly cubed and aligned on the plate. God bless tomatoes.
The chorizo with eggsalad and mustard was a favorite of mine. I can't help but love cured meat, what can I say?
After my sangria I jumped on late to the pairings that came with each course. This was a good glass of wine, though I can't tell you anything about it that would allow you to ask for it by name.
The artichoke with pink peppercorn, chorizo and meyer lemon was lovely to look at but a little disappointing to taste. I loved the heart itself, but the overall taste verged on just a little too cooked. Not sure if they fried them or baked them (I'd guess fried) but it was like they could have come out of the oil just 30-45 seconds sooner.
I totally forget this dish. It looks really good though doesn't it? On the menu it has a Spanish name (Montadito de Ajoarriero) and I couldn't really recognize any of the ingredients listed under it.
The white asparagus wrapped in jamon serrano and garnished with spanish olives and chives, on the other hand, was quite memorable and t-a-s-t-y, tasty.
The prime dry aged sirloin with veal jus and roasted potatoes was quite a pretty plate if you were to ask me. And the meat was rare but not so rare as to be scary. Though the photograph may make those of you who like your meat brown a little scared. Dad thought that many of the courses were too salty, and I think he had that issue with this one as well.
Rouget with heirloom tomatoes, leeks and a watercress pesto. A nice little fish that I haven't had a lot of experience with. Dad loved the leeks.
Their mushroom dish was also part of our third course. I've had it before and it remains quite a magic mushroom pile of loveliness, without the hallucinations.
Flourless chocolate cake, raspberry jam and sorbet. At this point I was so full that I'm not sure I was able to fully appreciate the dessert, though the sorbet was something special if I recall at all correctly ... which I may not.
While this wasn't the oyster experience we had planned, I was glad for the opportunity to return to Tinto and to give Dad the chance to try a new place in Philly.

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