Friday, July 15, 2011

Another One

Lunch on the fourth. The valderon, the goat brie, and a raw sheep's milk cheese - the name of which escapes me at the moment - along with more radishes, juicy tomato, cucumbers and jalepeno pickles I bought at a farm stand. Plates like this really are happy-inducing for me. I keep missing the farmer's market in Philly because I'm always somewhere else, or about to be somewhere else, so it seems wrong to buy produce I won't have time to eat. But I'm missing the best eating of the year, and that's beginning to wear on me.

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nc catherine said...

Missing the best eating of the year...yep I know what you mean.

Your plate is lovely.

I have Cherokee Purple heirloom tomatoes comin' in. When I can pick them before the pecking birds or nibbling squirrels or really neck-stretching turtles get them. So peeves me to go reach for a finally ripe one, and it has bite marks. ARRRGGGH BITE ME. But then I regroup and pick the not quite perfectly ripe, thumb my nose and take my produce in to finish the ripening process in my sunny window. HA.