Thursday, July 07, 2011

Gazpacho and Boquerones c/o McCrossens

On another day L. and I went to McCrossens for a bit of eating and drinking. I continue to enjoy their Full Circle beer on tap. As we were trying to determine what we wanted from the menu, which has changed a bit since the last time I was there, T. came out to start telling us more about the specials of the day, which complicated the whole decision making process because a number of things sounded good. I knew I wanted the gazpacho...but did I want to take my tomato loving to a completely new level and have the caprese salad as well? Or the beet salad? Or did I want protein or cheese?! Difficult decisions. In the end I stood by my gazpacho craving and was rewarded.
I also chose to go with the boquerones with pesto and olives. This was a good choice. I had a moment of worry, but after the first tangy but not too fishy bite, my worries turned to gladness. While not exactly the same in terms of presentation, they brought to mind the anchovies we all enjoyed in Perpignan so may years ago.

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