Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Dinner With Cousin E. c/o Han Dynasty

A few years back I met up with a West Coast cousin, E., for dinner whilst he was on the coast for business. At some point in June he reached out to me to say he was going to be in town yet again. I inquired as to where he was staying and then determined that a good place to meet up for dinner might be Han Dynasty. This was threefold. One, it wasn't too far away from his hotel. Two, I had long been wanting to return after my first visit with the GS crew. And three, I had darts on that night and Han Dynasty was a nice mid-point between my home and the dart night location. And so a plan was created. It was one of the first of excessively hot days we've been having throughout the spring/summer. We were seated quickly and I suggested we share the spicy cucumber appetizer.
I then chose the chicken 'long hot pepper style.' Tasty stuff, though I think that my first visit's eggplant garlic style might have been more of a standout favorite.
The cousin had tofu, I forget which style. Their tofu is much different from that of so many takeout Chinese places: little strips, firm, with more the look of eggplant than tofu.
A good meal and lovely to catch up with a distant cousin. This was the second of three out of town visitor experiences of the week, which certainly made it different than many. Thanks to E. for dinner and for the avocado and beet treats!

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