Monday, July 23, 2012

Gimlet, Pups and 4th Food

After the parade there was a bit of regrouping to do. My father had received invitations to a number of different social functions, so determining the exact order of the evening was necessary. I also needed to drive J. back to where she was staying in the valley. We saw H. and C. briefly at the BBQ but I realized that I might not see them again before I departed, so ultimately J. and I stopped by their spread. H. created a delightfully refreshing, but strong, gin gimlet for me and then we all sat outside for a bit. 

It was very hot.
Then I dropped J. off and made my way towards Tim's Ford Lake, which, it turns out, is really, really far away. On the way I came across these dogs.
The pup was very cute. The white dog barked at me.
Dad's friends had a nice spread of food to enjoy.

And enjoy it I did.
And that wraps up the food of the fourth!

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