Saturday, July 28, 2012

Beer Times with Old Friends c/o The Bell House

I got in touch with T. and S. and J. and C. a few days before my arrival in Brooklyn to see whether there might be an opportunity to see one or all of them. S. and T. are long-time pals from my high school days while C. and J. entered the fray during T.'s time in college. They are a great group of people and I really enjoy seeing them when I can. So after dinner L. and I got back on the subway. She went home while I made my way to the Bell House, a place I had gone once before for a 90s themed prom. Good times were had. Photographs were taken.
Some photographs more successful than others.

I have no idea what's going on here as far as our faces are concerned, but I am definitely amused. I've known these dudes for 17 years. Ugh. That officially makes us all old. Or maybe I should only speak for myself, the youngest of the bunch:)

Yup. Good times. I owe C. money for the car I ended up taking back to L. and T.'s digs. It's a fact.

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nc catherine said...

Ha who knew that one could wear a cool really cool sundress that might clash... no... too harsh... might have conflicting goals with a BAR's wallpaper? Awesome.

Ok when you can say you have known these people (whoever they might be) for FIFTY years give or take, then you can say meh I am old. Until then, nope.

Get over it! You look great, I am liking the lipstick, always on the hunt for a new color. As if our skin tones hair color age are anywhere in the same universe....I am actually too tan from pool duty for the absent pool ownin' friends, teacup boat sailing lessons and the overall fact FACT that everyday it is a blisteringly sunny insanely hot day here in Nawth Cackalacky. Walk outside at noon to get in the car, sunscreen advisory chimes in the head. Walk outside at 6 pm to tend to dogs pool garden, sunscreen advisory chimes in the head....Pink goes well tho so I use it religiously. But no coral. Ever.