Friday, July 27, 2012

Pool Party in Scottsville

On my way back to Philly I once again stopped by J. and V.'s as a mid-way point. Soon after my arrival we made our way to J. and V.'s niece's family birthday party, which was held at the home of some out of town friends with a pool. There were bbq fixins for eating.
A view of the James River for looking.
A pool, which apparently had a temp of over 90 was near 100 degrees on that day. Stinking, terrible heat.
I didn't get in the water due to the rather deep dog bite I received the day before (still not completely healed 20 days later), but I did take a few photos of others enjoying the water.
I never got around to cake, but G. most certainly did.
It was nice again to see these folks. I've met V.'s parents, siblings and assorted friends throughout the years, and they're always very nice to me....even if I'm the only woman drinking beer openly. V.'s aunt at one point asserted that she was quite impressed with the fact that I travel alone. She meant well. But I wondered what the alternative was. I'm a 30 year old woman. Should I have an escort? Should I simply never go anywhere because I don't have a man to go with me? She really didn't mean it as anything other than 'I wouldn't do what you do and I'm impressed.' But it's the same as when I have friends whose long term relationships end, and then turn to me and  say thingslike 'I don't want to be single' as if it's absolutely the worst possible state to be in. They, too, are only saying how they feel after being so long paired up (and I do understand), but for me, someone who has been so long unpaired, saying that some version of my life is one that they would dread. Well, it's not really the best thing to say. After the party we returned to the air conditioning, where I was introduced to Despicable Me. Not a bad movie.

Thanks to the P. clan for their welcome and hospitality!

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