Monday, July 16, 2012

Sewanee Potluck

My nine hour drive to Sewanee from Scottsville moved along at a decent pace. I stopped for gas, coffee, and a Taco Bell Doritos taco and then found myself heading up the mountain and rolling on into our driveway. Very soon thereafter Dad and I drove over to MP's for a potluck affair.
All the usual suspects were in attendance, but many had nice little twists to keep things  interesting.
Dad made a fresh corn salad with his favorite new corn: ambrosia.
I heaped my plate with couscous, bean salad, potato salad, cherries and a few other things hiding around in there.
Sewanee hadn't seen any rain in three weeks, but within two hours of my arrival, we had a nice bit of a shower.
After we left I asked Dad to drive to the Cross so I could get a look of the valley before the night took away all light in the sky. Pretty pretty.
It was lovely to see a lot of familiar faces at MP's and to enjoy good company and great food!

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