Saturday, July 14, 2012

Dinner c/o Amici's and Woods

So I broke the trip to Tennessee at my friend J.'s house. It took me about six hours to make my way down 81 and the most eventful things that happened were seeing two old men standing in a deep ditch with no clothes on, and the fact that there are a lot of 'self-serve' Dunkin Donuts spots in the south. Once I arrived at J. and V.'s she and I, and her two boys C. and G., went into Scottsville for dinner at Amici's. I waffled between the pasta three ways (lasagna, manicotti and something else) or the Penne Buttanesca. In the end I went the more adventurous route, but either way it would have come with salad. Pretty standard but it's always good to get some greens.
We all shared the calamari, which was nice and hot while still being crispy on the outside and tender within. I don't know why G.'s making this face because I'm pretty sure he enjoyed the calamari.
Creamy mess of pasta for me. Definitely rich. Though I took a bite of J.'s manicotti and actually enjoyed the simple red sauce that went with it a bit more than this cream-based sauce.
After dinner we briefly met up with J.'s husband and some of his friends before taking a look at some land J. and V. bought that they'll soon build a house on. The light was quite nice.

Tiny toad.
Tiny toad.
A very nice evening indeed. And thanks goes to J. for the dinner.

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