Friday, July 27, 2012

Welcome Pickles and Beer c/o Gowanus Yacht Club

I returned from my journey south and did the regular 9-5 thing for the next few days, but came into work early that following Friday in order to leave reasonably early. I hoped that I could make a jump on traffic for my drive to Brooklyn to visit with the likes of L. and Fat T. but that didn't go quite as planned. Just as I was about to get on to 95, traffic totally stalled and I counted at least 10 cop cars and a few ambulances driving on the highway overpass above, which suggested a pretty massive accident that would probably make my getting to the NJ Turnpike the 'back way' unfeasible. So I ended up going south and then across the Franklin Bridge....uh I was about to outline every step of my drive, but no one needs that. The point is that between an accident on 95, stupid crazy traffic on the turnpike and then again on 78, my estimated arrival time of 3 was off by a good hour and a half.  L. was still at work but my thoughts of having lunch before meeting up with her didn't make quite as much sense, as we had dinner plans for which I wanted a full appetite. So I took up residence at Gowanus Yacht Club to await her arrival back to the 'hood. I asked for a kolsch and a side of pickles and enjoyed both while reading the fifth Game of Thrones book (at this moment I am 78% done with it and I both want to read it super fast and super slow because I want to know what happens, but I also know there isn't another book to satiate all the unanswered questions I have no doubt will arise in the concluding chapters). The pickles were good. Not too sweet or mushy. Definitely rather freshly brined with a good crunch. And who doesn't love a kolsch? The crowd at 4:30 was relatively non-existent, just a few tables of tatooed white people with sunglasses, slouchy skirts and plaid shirts. I almost fit in, except for the lack of tattoos.

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