Saturday, July 28, 2012

Chicken Sandwich c/o Van Horn Sandwich Shop

More than a year ago L. and I had hoped to try the fried chicken at Van Horn Sandwich Shop. Unfortunately on the day we actually made our attempt, the place was still remarkably new and the line for such an experience too long for our taste. Instead we went elsewhere and ran into a former college classmate of ours. This problem of waiting was less in force when we decided to give it another go on Saturday morning. It may have been at least in part because we got out at a decent hour before too many others had brunch on the brain. We chose to sit outside in their back patio area, which was sparsely populated at the time and cooler than inside. L. chose to have an iced coffee. We both marveled at the beauty of cream making its way through ice and java.
While I wasn't in terribly bad shape for having had a number of beers the night before, I didn't feel that I needed to start my day with alcohol but still wanted to try their Bloody Mary, so I requested a virginal variety. It was pretty darn good. Properly cloudy with fresh horseradish and complete with an olive and caper berries.
I chose to try the fried chicken sandwich, which included 'zesty coleslaw' and a pickle, as well as a little side salad to boot.
I must say this was a very well executed sandwich on the whole. The chicken, especially, was quite succulent. I could have perhaps enjoyed just a little thicker and crispier batter and a slaw with just a little more zip or zest. But these are minor desires; I ate almost the whole thing and what I didn't eat L. finished for me. L. had the omelet of the day I believe, which included gruyere and asparagus if I recall correctly.
A solid way to start the day.

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