Sunday, April 15, 2012

Cocktails and Dinner c/o Han Dynasty

A few Fridays ago I rallied a little group of folks in an effort to cross two more things off of my resolution list. First, cocktails at Southwark. I had a Hemingway Daquiri, the ingredients of which, according to the website, were rum, maraschino liquor,lime, grapefruit. I don't really recall the maraschino element, but I enjoyed the overall drink very much. It was nice and tart, not too boozy....but actually quite boozy.
I'd long been hearing great things about Han Dynasty, and knew it was a good place to go in a group. And the great things were all true, and it does make sense to go in a group. LB arrived separately from those of us who had cocktails, and held down the table fort until we met up with her. I became a slight tyrant when it came to ordering. My camera also seemed like it was going to die at any second so I gook photographs quite quickly and with the flash for the most part. These were the spicy, crispy cucumbers. They were spicy, but also cool.
In this photograph you can see the Taiwanese sausage that Mr. Ass suggested we add to my tyrannical menu decisions. A good call.
Dumplings in chili oil.
Wontons in chili oil. I was totally remiss and forgot to order the Dan Dan noodles. Just a reason to go back.
I'm not sure what this was. Maybe the pork belly double cooked style?
This was the tofu long hot pepper style.
This was the LB and Mr. Ass Han Dynasty style.
This was string beans with minced pork.
Eggplant in garlic sauce.
Scallop dry pepper style.
We also ordered chicken, hot sauce style. I tried to order a range of dishes that covered Han's spectrum of spice (8-10 being VERY spicy and on down to 1 being wimpy). I did express that we weren't looking to completely lose our taste buds, so while everything had a little kick to it, nothing was quite as throat scorching as I might have expected. This, to me, is a good thing and I think a result of the server hearing my desire for moderate spice as well as full blast. I think my favorite was the scallops dry pepper style. Nice and crispy, but still succulent. And the pepper gave it some pizazz without overwhelming the actual taste of the scallops themselves. I think the eggplant was also particularly tasty. I prefered the dumplings to the wontons. And I loved the green beans. I felt like one moment, all the food was arriving and then seconds later I was stuffed, but probably 20 to 30 minutes went by. After dinner we went to Reserve for another round or two of drinks. I believe I ordered the Kentucky Lemonade.
And at least at one or two points in the evening, I looked like this.
I got punchy by the end of the evening and slightly embarrassed myself, but up until that point I thought the it was a good night. Great company. Great food. The whole package.

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