Thursday, July 12, 2012

Cocktails and More Cocktails c/o Tank Bar and Village Whiskey

Last Saturday was a mix of obligations (buying cat food and litter) and hedonistic tendencies (two cocktails at brunch), which only continued as evening came along...and perhaps moreso than I intended. The evening commenced with drinks at Tank Bar with MP. MP is a good friend of C&T, whom I met at C.'s bachelorette party years ago and again at C&T's wedding. A few weeks back MP got in touch with me saying she had recently moved to Philly, so we basically went on a first 'friend date.' I enjoyed gin and tonics and eventually ordered the pate plate while MP enjoyed a burger...she enjoyed it, but did point out that it wasn't cooked to her specifications. I think the meet-up went pretty well, and vowed to share the Village Whiskey burger experience with MP at some later point in time.
After we said our goodbyes I was tipsy. I got on a bus to take me back to the neighborhood and texted LW about having one last drink at McCrossen's before calling it a night. This text was met with a 'I'm already in Center City' text. LW was with her good friend K, whom I have never somehow the thing to do was to hop back off the bus and join them at El Rey. Except we promptly left El Rey, tried the Ranstead Room (wait was too long) and ultimately ended up at the bar at Village Whiskey. If I had known, I would have invited MP along, though I imagine she wouldn't have wanted to try yet another burger in the same night. In any case, we sat at the bar and K and LW enjoyed the duck fat fried french fries.
I really dug the Bee Charmer:  LAVENDER/CHAMOMILE INFUSED GIN,
YELLOW CHARTREUSE, LEMON, HONEY. It was just delightful. I was very enthusiastic about it and may have had more than one. Not cheap, but mmmmmmmmm.
The night got a little away from me after that. We ended up at yet another bar with more folks that LW and K. kind of knew. I got home significantly later and drunker than I meant to, which was not exactly the way considering my need to pack for my Tennessee trip and show my apartment to a prospective roommate the next morning. Oh, yeah, if you know any non-crazy but not uptight folks looking for a place in Philly, please leave a comment because I'm still looking (the guy that day seemed like an excellent fit...but he went with another place that had laundry in the building. Womp womp.

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