Friday, June 29, 2012

Tis the Softshell Season

I believe I may have mentioned the fact that in addition to stopping for a few plants, I also stopped at the last seafood joint before Wilmington and picked up four soft shell crabs. It was father's day, and the place was bumping. Service was a little brusque, but hey I was only there for ten minutes, so who cares. The following day, Monday, I came home from work and went about the process of turning two of the crabs into my dinner. I coated them in an egg/flour/old bay/salt/pepper kind of batter and then shallow fried them in vegetable oil.
I also made a quick green bean, radish, yellow pepper and garlic salad, which turned out quite nicely. Then I went about devouring it all in record time while sitting on my deck.
Unpictured is that evening's later visit with E. and B. who were in town because they're very smart and lots of people want them to be smart in Philly. And then a sponataneous from Mr. Ass to boot. I insisted that E. and B.'s presence be a surprise, but what would have really been neat is if I had a big enough box in which  to put E. and B. Because Mr. Ass wouldn't be at all suspicious if I suggested he take a long look into a weird box on my deck. Hm.
In any case, I knew it was a little gluttonous to buy more crabs after such a seafood-heavy weekend. But I am glad I did, because they were delicious.

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