Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Watermelon Party

The rest of our day was spent mainly lying down, listening/playing music, sitting in grass and watching people play kick ball (including my new fake boyfriend whose name I don't know/with whom I did not in any way actually interact), and having a nice dinner at L. and T.'s. The dinner was quinoa and mahi mahi in a pineapple pepper sauce. I was a jerk and totally forgot to photograph it, so busy was I consuming it. After all those activities we piled into L. and T.'s friend's car an drove to S.'s party, where there a number of cheeses and nice cured salami to much on. Not to mention vodka soaked watermelon.
I spent the majority of the party on their back deck talking to an ever-rotating set of folks, some known, some unknown. For example, I knew E. already. So we talked about things and had our photo taken.
And then we got L. in on the photo action and I made this face. Sad thing is someone hit the back of my head as this photograph was taken, so now my face looks like that all the time. Question: would you be my friend if I looked like that all the time? Because I do.
The birthday boy and the watermelon eater.
It was a good party. I enjoyed meeting one half of the couple who now lives above L. and T. I also commended L. on her choice of bridesmaids, especially the above E., whom I didn't know before the bachelorette weekend and wedding, but whom I now enjoy seeing at events ranging from those featuring  pigoatoysters to surreal parties in Manhattan. That sentence was terribly constructed, the point is that it's always nice to see E. So good times all around. Another late evening, but a fun one.

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