Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Lamb Burger and Curly Fries c/o Shenanigans

A little while after returning home from the afternoon's swimming activities my father and I went to Shenanigans for dinner. This place has been anchoring the downtown Sewanee dining scene for over 30 years. For a good while it pretty much was the dining scene in Sewanee and definitely the only place in town where you could get a beer. Over the last decade, however, a fair amount of competition has come in. I learned on this trip that Shenanigans had recently been bought by a new set of owners, and while the decor and layout of the place were pretty much the same, the menu had been spiffed up a bit, and more beers were on tap...or at least it seemed like more beers were on tap. The method of ordering at Shenanigans remains the same. This is not a sit-down, table service joint. Instead you stand in line (sometimes short lines, sometimes long ones), place your order, receive a number for your meal, find your seat and wait for your number to be called. I chose to have a Sweetwater 420 beer while we waited for our numbers to be called out.
Dad chose to have a cup of soup. I think it was split pea soup? Or maybe something else entirely? While his face might suggest otherwise, I believe he was relatively happy with the soup.
I debated between a burrito box and the lamb burger with goat cheese and curly fries and ultimately chose the lamb burger.
I hadn't brought J. or myself proper snacks for our swim trip, which led to a meager lunch of salt and vinegar chips and soda, so I was really hungry by the time we got to Shenanigans. But I think even if my hunger had been at a slightly more manageable level, I still would have enjoyed the sandwich. If I had been asked, I might not have wanted it cooked quite so completely. But perhaps it was for the best that there wasn't a trace of pink. In either case, I enjoyed it and my curiosity about other things on Shenanigans' menu was definitely piqued for future trips.

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nc catherine said...

Oh 420 is the go to draft when I can't make up my mind, if local Natty Greene's variations are not on tap. Pink lamb in a burger probably would not be the best of ideas, I don't know why I think that. This is how old I really am: Before there was Shenanigans there was Winn's all purpose dry goods store. The hoop cheese was cut on the big round board/table that probably is still there, and the counter held bins of penny candy. There was a coal burning pot bellied stove and the requisite gaggle of old farts hanging around and gossiping. Oh um whoa I mean discussing important stuff. I found an awesome pair of slip on sneakers from like the late 1940s that had been stashed in a storage room when the Winns were clearing out for selling the building. I loved those shoes. Yeah memory lane time!!