Sunday, February 26, 2012

Late Night Drinks and Mid-Morning Donuts and Chicken

The Saturday after I got back from the Bahamas I made my way over to C. and R.'s for a pizza, laundry socialization visit. As we often do, we enjoyed pizza and wine while shooting the shit. At some point my roommate texted me to see what I was up to and I invited him to join us. Once the wine ran out, C., the roommate and I all headed to McCrossen's. There we drank more and I insisted on a few not so stellar photographs. My hair is now long enough to kind of put into a pony tail. I was very excited about this.

The next morning I was hurting a little, but I also had an appointment with destiny...and L. and BC and Federal Donuts, which was on the resolution list. We tried to get there early enough that it wouldn't be completely crowded, but late enough that they'd be frying up some chicken. This place has been getting nothing but rave reviews from pretty much everyone, including the New York Times so it wasn't really a surprise that the place was packed. This is a place that unless it's a week day afternoon, you simply cannot sit and eat there. Very much a new version of takeout. So we passed the time talking about this and that while waiting for our moment to discuss what kind of chicken flavoring we wanted (they have a rotating set of flavors; we went with Z'atar and Coconut Curry). After not a short amount of time, but not so long a time that we were impatient or angry, we had our chicken and donuts in hand. We went back to BC's to enjoy our bounty and she pulled out a bottle of bubbly. L. was more into the donuts than the chicken but felt their hot sugared ones were better than any of the 'fancies.' I think I'll need to go back in a donut mood to be able to comment on them myself.
What I can comment on is how freaking delicious the chicken was. Nice and crispy. Flavors in the batter actually came through. I think I liked the Z'atar better than the coconut curry, but I ended up taking a piece of the coconut curry home with me, and it held up quite well as a lunch the next day.
It's always great when a place totally lives up to its hype, and Federal Donuts did.

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