Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Driving to Coco di Mama Beach

As is often the case, I awoke an hour or so before L. and took a quick around the grounds of our home for the next five days. We were staying in a one bedroom apartment set up, one of five that were connected. Not right on the beach, but only a short walk to one. It was already nice and warm and the sun, oh how it shined. That is not aloe. It is agave.
You can see a glimmer of the Caribbean just over the trees.
The building.
Me and my new sunglasses.
This kitten just wasn't quittin'.
Before departing from the airport area, we first purchased a case of Sands beer. Then we went to the grocery store and picked up a few essentials: milk, bacon, eggs, turkey hot dogs, Coca Cola, not so great Brie, triscuits. You know. The things that really count.
And then it was time to hit the road. We hadn't originally planned on renting a car, but we soon realized that while everyone might hitch in the Bahamas, we wanted our own set of wheels and autonomy. This worked out for us, as L. had made a call the night before and some time in the early morning, 'lo a car appeared. This was not the Hertz or Avis version of renting a car. No, this was giving a guy $140 cash and being reminded to drive on the left. And the car itself, which we named Lenny in honor of Eleuthera's perhaps most famous sometime resident, was full of quirks. L. took the wheel that day and did an excellent job of driving on the left while I became infatuated with pineapple soda.
We had a number of opportunities to ask and answer the age old question of 'Why did that chicken cross the road?'
Eleuthera has plenty of pretty beaches, or that's we ascertained from the number of suggestions we were given over the course of our stay. On this day we decided to go to the Coco di Mama beach as our first stop. And I think this was an excellent choice. Warm, lovely weather is what it was. You might not really see it, but I'm in this photograph.
L. is in this photograph.
We met another dog. I think this might have been the most handsome and chill of them all.
Even when he walked away he did it with grace.
I think we spent a couple of hours on this beach, alternating between lying down in the sun, lying down in the sun and reading, floating in the water, sipping on one of our Sands beers and then lying down with our eyes closed. Relaxing.

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Huckleberry said...

That kitten really looks biped. [That somehow doesn't sound emphatic enough. That kitten looks bipedian?] Anyway: the only thing missing here for it to be a furry convincing human is a top hat.