Thursday, February 09, 2012

Sushi c/o Shiroi Hana

Well, hello there. At the end of January I met up with LW and her friend A. for sushi at Shiroi Hana. Because we were all hungry for it, we ordered the Sushi Love platter, which came with a slew of things. I also added wasabi tobikko and white tuna, LW added a roll that had jalapeno, and A. requested a double eel roll.
I'd never been to Shiroi Hana before and was glad to finally try it. Good food, good company, good price.
Afterwards we went to the Ranstead Room for drinks. I think we all asked for some version of 'let the bartender make us what they want.' My base was bourbon with a flash of benedictine.
We got the sweet corner booth.
A nice evening to round out a rather long and tiresome day.


LW said...

Welcome back! And thanks to A's sense of direction for leading us to Ranstead...

nc catherine said...

Oh goodness what a treasure trove of sushi! I have such urban restaurant envy. I mean, I live in a little city but we don't have the sushi extravaganzas you have! Yum.