Friday, February 24, 2012

Liebing It

From time to time, and far more often than is necessary, I check my blog's stats to see how people get to my site. Did they google a Chicago restaurant I frequented back in my Chicagoan days? Were they referred by another blog? Did they stumble across it while looking for porn about meat donuts? All these things can happen. Yesterday when I took a look, I saw a few referring hits from the Crabby Fox, and it seems that I have been 'liebed.' The rules, as Crabby understood them were: "as a recipient of the Liebster award, [one] must pass on this recognition to five blogs who meet the criteria, and then reveal 5 random facts about [your]self, and then do a little jig and bake a pie. No! I made those last two things up." The main criteria is that the blogs have readerships of less than 200 folks. Well, Crabby, I thank you for the recognition and accept this challenge (though I, too, will not be baking a pie or doing a jig per se).

So, blogs I enjoy with small readerships. That's a little tricky. I feel like the majority of the blogs I follow already have a relatively massive number of followers. But after taking a closer look at my Google Reader feed, I came up with the following four, which is one less than five, but I think it'll be okay.

1. Whenever I want to feel bad about how my own writing aspirations have tanked, I take a look at Jac's blog of rejections. She is just one of the folks I went to grad school with that I now envy for her productivity and persistence.
2. Joe is deep into music, not to mention the fact that he is very close friends with a dancing rabbit.
3. I'm often one of those people that posts too much on Facebook. Sometimes these posts are articles I read, or music I think is cool that perhaps people don't know about. And often enough I hear this music as a result of Stop, Play, Rewind.
4. While she hasn't updated in forever, A Belly Grumbles in Brooklyn is always a nice read when she posts her latest eating adventure.

And now on to random facts:

1. I love the sound of crickets or frogs chirping away on hot summer nights.
2. I do not love bananas, in any iteration. This is a key reason I do not like smoothies, bananas are in ALL of them.
3. My great-great grandfather was technically the last Confederate general to surrender in the civil war...or so the story goes.
4. I imagine one day living somewhere nice and warm, with at least two dogs running around.
5. I can't cross my eyes, but I can make my scalp move.

And there you have five random facts and four new blogs to consider. I think we all win here. Thanks Crabby!


Huckleberry said...

Just in case you are interested in that sort of thing: "Liebster Blog" could either be the start of a letter ("Dearest blog") or state that this is your favorite blog.

cc said...