Friday, February 17, 2012

Rainy Day Preacher's Cove

Saturday I woke up to wind and rain. We hoped that it would pass in the morning hours, as our plan was to use the car to take ourselves to the Harbour Island ferry and to spend a day living 'the high life.' But a key component to 'the high life' was lying on pink sand beaches for hours, which isn't quite as appealing an activity if it's windy, rainy, and kind of chilly. While we were hoping the weather would improve, we went to the Laughing Lizard to take advantage of its wireless connections to the outside world. There we spoke to two rather handsome devils, who told us about a number of possible other places we could see and enjoy even with the less than ideal weather. This sparked an interest in going to a specific cave, but upon further discussion with the woman who owned the apartments we were staying in, we realized we didn't have the serious flashlights necessary to go on such an adventure. So, instead, we went to Preacher's Cave. As was the case in many instances during our time in Eleuthera, we were almost alone on the road to get there, and certainly alone during our time at the the cave and nearby Atlantic-facing beach. The cave had a wide mouth but was a little deep. It kind of reminded me of the cave in the first season of Lost, only easier to get in and out of and minus the waterfall/indoor pool. Total sidenote: about once every six months I remember to be very angry about the last two seasons of Lost.

For lunch L. made turkey sandwiches with mustard on white bread. Was it the best sandwich of either of our lives? No. But did the location prop it up a little? Yes.
I forgot to adjust my settings when I asked L. to take this photograph, so I'm all washed out. Oh well.
After enjoying the cave and our lunch, we followed the trail to the beach. The waves were a'pounding and the wind was a'whipping, but we took full advantage of the perhaps 20 minutes of sun before the next round of rain clouds came across the horizon.

Loves it.

On the limestone outcroppings (outcroppings?) there were all these tiny little zebra-like snails. I dug them, as in, I thought they were neat.

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Raya said...

Even if it was rainy still jealous lol ;) Love your hair btw, so cute!