Sunday, February 19, 2012

Drinks and Music c/o Rainbow Inn

So on Superbowl Sunday night Wallace suggested that we might enjoy seeing music at the Rainbow Inn the following day and basically offered to accompany and drive us. He went from being a stranger to someone doing us kind favors in a matter of hours, which was incredibly nice of him...though I think he may also have enjoyed being in the presence of such a breadth of beauty and charm. I could be wrong there. In any case, two big things about Wallace - from my very brief time of knowing him - are that he likes to tell non-truths and everyone on the island of Eleuthera knows him. Whether he knows them is another story. So when we arrived, Wallace was greeted by patrons and bartenders alike. One guy said something to the effect of 'leave it to Wallace to bring pretty girls." I will take my compliments where I can get them. We then enjoyed the bar and Kalik beers for a while, Wallace went with red wine. Did you know that in the Bahamas there are no drunk driving laws to such an extend you can literally drink while you are driving? Somehow during the day this isn't such a scary idea, but at night it's a little sobering. Heh.
I befriended a couple who recognized us from the ferry back from Harbour Island. They were there to scope out property for their long-time dream of opening a little inn or hotel. We talked about this at length because basically I want to be them. At some point the guy playing wanted a break and somehow called on L. to be his intermission act. This was the work of Wallace's whispering. L. was game, however, and so up she went to sing and play a bit of Pink Floyd. I took a lot of crappy photos without a flash because I was afraid if I used a flash it would break her concentration.
To end the night we had the mother of all cocktails. The Bahamas' equivalent of Long Island Iced Teas - tasted totally just like a fruit beverage, except that the fruit had been marinating in alcohol for a long time. De-licious. Also learned that night? The island of Exuma has swimming pigs. Wallace told us about it but we had begun to be cautious about what to believe after falling for a few of his statements that weren't true (crocodiles are on the island of Eleuthera being one of them). But then the wife of the couple I was talking to knew exactly what he was referring to and pulled up a photo and article about it on her phone. Who knew! The other funny-ish thing that happened was that we ran into the Canadian couple we had spoken with at the Friday Fish Fry...and of course they knew Wallace.
The night ended well and not too terribly late, which was good because I wanted to be able to wake up nice and early for our last few hours on Eleuthera.

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