Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Grouper and Conch Lunch c/o The Beach House

During my plane ride to Eleuthera I did ask the woman across me about good spots for eating. Using the incredibly vague directions I wrote down as a result of that inquiry, we knew that we were looking for The Beach House. And with only a little trial and error, we found it successfully. It was a great spot with plenty of views of the Atlantic. We chose to sit outside in direct sun. The two Bahamian beers one can choose from are Sands and Kalik. I preferred Kalik, I thought it had more actual taste. Ugh. It's too much that this was only 10-ish days ago.
I debated between the grouper 'burger' and the grouper salad. L. was also attracted to both, so we ended up ordering one of each and trying one another's dishes. L. had the lion's share of the burger, while I enjoyed chomped on the salad. When the wind picked up, some of my lettuce blew away.
Fresh fish, great flavor. Food ain't cheap in the Bahamas.
Conch fritters!
After we enjoyed our meal and beers, we followed the Beach House's path to the ocean and took a little look around. The water was far more rough than on the Caribbean side, which makes sense. So we didn't really bother trying to swim or lay out.
Happy vacation faces. It is a tragedy that during the entirety of the trip I had a pimple by my mouth, but we don't have to really linger on the way it mars my otherwise obviously perfect visage.
Seaweed for days.


Anonymous said...

Great posts.

nc catherine said...

BEACH ENVY!! SUN AND SURF ENVY!! COOL NEW SUNGLASSES ENVY!! There, I think I got it all out of my system, for this minute at least!