Monday, April 30, 2012

New Years Resolution

While I could resolve to find a job that would be a bit more creative, or resolve to move somewhere warm, or make it my mission to lose ten pounds, I chose only one resolution for 2012. And that was to try a lot of new restaurants, perhaps one a week - give or take. Below is that list. I also thought it might be fun if part of the resolution was to make new friends through dining. But I'm not sure how that would work because I don't really have a large enough Philly following for readers to suddenly chime in and say 'yes, I would like to hang out with you in real life and go to x place.' But I'm open to friends of friends and whatnot. Unless they're creepy or weird. Then I'm not open to it. This list is in no order whatsoever, and I expect I'll add a few more in the coming weeks or months.

  1. Hot Diggity
  2. Franklin Fountain
  3. Bibou
  4. Han Dynasty: check, with L., BC, BA and Mr. Ass; a little of everything, salt and pepper scallops particularly tasty
  5. Bistro La Minette
  6. Tashan
  7. Vedge
  8. Lemon Hill: check Jan 17. Just drinks, no food. check again Feb 9th crab dip and soup.
  9. Fond check March 29. W/ T. Five Course Tasting
  10. Maru Global
  11. Monsu
  12. Fish 1/2 DishCrawl sampler, need to go back for further review
  13. Mica
  14. A.Kitchen
  15. Marigold Kitche check early May with CP; crab mac n cheese, salmon with spring fixins, chocolate
  16. Federal Donuts: check 2/12 with L. and BC, coconut curry + Z'atar fried chicken and a dozen fancies and a few hots
  17. Route 6
  18. Talula's Table
  19. Sbraga
  20. Farm and the Fisherman
  21. Salt and Pepper
  22. Llama Tooth
  23. Honest Tom's
  24. POPE
  25. Jamaican Jerk Hut
  26. Southwark
  27. Sang Kee Noodle House
  28. Kyhber Pass: Check Feb 1 fried green tomato blt with collard greens.
  29. American Sardine Bar
  30. Pumpkin
  31. Hickory Lane: Check Jan 23,French Onion soup and tuna tartar with CP.
  32. Vietnam
  33. Isabel Check March, With BC, BA and AS. Guac, fried cheese, rellenos, margaritas.
  34. Sampan: Check 2/25 with M. seven course tasting menu
  35. 4th Street Diner
  36. Tampopo
  37. Han Chon Korean BBQ Restaurant
  38. Ela
  39. Amis
  40. Cheu Noodles
  41. Calaca Feliz: Check 2/22, Guacamole and Elote.
  42. Ramen Boy
  43. Sammy Chon's Chinatown Check, early March with J. Soon Du, Wings, Short ribs.
  44. Jamonera
  45. Nom Nom Ramen Check, April, before Punch Bros show
  46. Dandelion

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Beth said...

OMG!!!!!!!!! I love this list!! What a great idea. I am so doing one for myself. I try to go to as many fabulous Philly restaurants as possible... but there are just too many :) Check out my blog when you can! We like a lot of the same stuff!